Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall into Sweet Treats

Cornucopia Cones Caramel Acorns
Candy Leaves

Pumpkin Pie may be the classic dessert of Thanksgiving but why not add some additional sweet harvest theme treats to the table.

Sugar Cone Cornucopias with Acorn Caramels

Fun for a kids table or add a name on a small card for a cute place setting

These are from a fabulously fun cookbook "Hello Cupcake."
 I adapted the topping to used crushed almonds instead of chocolate sprinkles.
Candy acorns are fun as cupcake or cake toppers or place in a wax papered pretty box as simply sweet autumn confections.

No need to retire ice cream cones with the end of summer!
 They make easy and adorable cornucopias. There are many different recipes for these but I like the ones with the tails curled up, which is surprisingly simple to do.

Once cooled, I decorated mine with yellow melted candy melts and harvest candy corns and mini pumpkins but anything on hand will do.  They would be great with dried, marzipan or fresh fruits.

 Candy Leaves

Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.

These are beautiful translucent candies that are both simple and a little tricky to create.
 Ingredients: assorted hard candy
I used butterscotch for the rich gold color and jolly ranchers for the vivid reds and pinks. 
Preheat oven to 350. Place unwrapped candy in a plastic baggie and crush with heavy spoon or kitchen mallet. Spoon crushed candy into cookie cutters spayed with cooking spray on foil lined tray.
Bake approximately 5 minutes but check frequently. Different candies have different melting points.
Remove tray from stove and swirl colored candy with spoon or lollipop stick to create a nice pattern.
Wait until candy is cool enough to handle and carefully remove from cookie cutter.
This is the tricky part as they break easily!
Alternately you can melt assorted unwrapped candies in the oven without cookie cutters.Once removed and the candy has cooled slightly press cookie cutters firmly into sheet of melted candy. When thoroughly cooled peel away from foil.
I tried both methods and the casualty rates were about the same so make plenty of extra. The broken ones taste just as yummy.

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