Friday, January 29, 2016

Beary Sweet Valentine Candy Bears

While Valentine's Day often calls to mind great romance and grand passions, it's also a nice occasion to celebrate that affection we have for dear friends and family members. Why not delight a favorite child, or child at heart, with an easy and unabashedly cute sweet treat.
I admit I was inspired by the far too adorable "bear hugging an almond cookie";  a recipe gone viral in the baking and cookie enthusiast communities. Sadly with a less than stellar cookie baking record myself, I immediately started scrambling for alternatives on this darling theme.
found on Pinterest
I simply swapped a popular easy candy clay recipe for the more complicated cookie and added a store-bought candy hearts, no oven or burnt or broken cookie trauma.
Candy Clay
1 bag chocolate candy melts (any color or flavor)
I made two batches one white and one salted caramel
1/4 c corn syrup per batch
chocolate or candy hearts
mini chocolate chips
cake or other candy decorations if desired
*These bears are not for very small children

To Make Clay   
Simply melt candy according to directions
stir in corn syrup until dough forms
wrap in plastic and chill overnight or several hours until firm
I found a recipe and video here
Candy Clay video
No need for master level confectionery skills here- a simple and slightly imperfect bear shape adds to their charm
I let the clay sit to soften slightly- it will become more pliable when modeled from the warmth of you hands
I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose,pressing eyes deeper into chocolate to appear smaller.
For the cupid bear, simply cut a white gummy heart in two and adhere to back - I melted a very small amount of leftover white chocolate to use as glue
press heart candy onto bear's tummy and wrap arms around
Using the same leftover melted chocolate you can add sugar flowers as hats or accents if desired. 
Once molded the bears can be re-chilled until firm
They can also be perched into a cupcake liner and packaged with a tag for gifting
vintage bear image:

Wishing everyone 
A Delightful Valentine's Day!


  1. Your little candy bears have truly won my heart, my darling Christina, you're very talented, believe me !
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too, sweetie ...
    ... I want do delight myself and try to make them !

    May your weekend be filled with joy,
    sending so, so much dear love to you,
    with thankfulness

    1. Thanks so much Daniela!
      How sweet of you to say- these are such fun to put together -and you can choose your favorite different flavors or colors etc
      A very Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Darling and how creative : ) May You continue to be blessed as You have blessed others-Denise

  3. Darling and how creative : ) May You continue to be blessed as You have blessed others-Denise

  4. How sweet! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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