Monday, September 18, 2017

Whoooo wants dessert? candy covered owl cones

 Perhaps it's the owl's mysterious association with Halloween or maybe their wise nod to back-to-school smarts, but it seems come the Fall season these feathered friends are especially popular. So what better way to celebrate these beloved birds than with an easy to make, fun and whimsical treat featuring their likeness, made all the better filled with seasonal sweets.
Chocolate Owl Cones
We simply dipped store bought cones in melted chocolate and added some sweet owl features with ingredients you may already have on hand in your kitchen
You'll Need
candy melts in preferred colors and flavors
I used classic cocoa and toffee
candy decorative eyeballs 
Eyes are available in the cake decorating 
section of supermarkets, walmart or craft stores. 
I used the larger size eyes available
sliced almonds, candy corn or
 desired cake decor accents for decorating

Melt chocolate according to package instructions and let cool slightly. 
Dip top part of cone in melted chocolate and swirl to cover well to desired height.
Set cones on wax paper lined tray and allow to harden completely. 
(You can add eyes at this point if desired.)
I found the toffee chips melted to a thicker consistency than the chocolate so I could stand them upright without worrying about dripping.
You can coat inside of cone as well to prevent moisture rich fillings from making your cone soggy
Once melts are set, use additional melted chocolate to attach rows of almond wings and ear tufts or "horns" and a candy corn beak.
I opted for a very simple and comical look but you can experiment with your favorite sprinkles, icing, candy and baking accents for more elaborate owls.
These are fun for serving ice cream, candy, fruit, small brownies, cupcakes or this easy Autumn mousse.
         Three Ingredient Pumpkin Mousse
I've adapted this basic recipe for several Pennywise desserts including our french style Valentine's Couer a la Creme and faux charlotte dessert from our party post inspired by Downton Abbey

1 small container Pumpkin greek yogurt
8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
I accidentally bought fat free but the taste was fine
2/3 cups confectioners sugar

Combine ingredients until fully blended. 

Chill until ready to serve then pipe or spoon into owl cones. 
Serve immediately for best results

Waste Not, Want Not.....
Extra leftover ingredients or no time to make owls? 
Pumpkin mousse is a lighter yummy seasonal treat on it's own or serve as a sweet dip with sliced apples or ginger cookies.
Likewise leftover chocolate melts, candy and nuts can be used to make a yummy candy bark. Simply spread any remaining melted chocolate on wax paper and sprinkle with the leftover almonds and candy corn, roughly chopped if desired. Drizzle more chocolate on top and chill. Break into sections once hardened.

Add tags to bark or candy filled cones for a sweet gift

Tag created with owl image from The Graphics Fairy

Wishing  Everyone



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