Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fourth of July Floats: Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Treat

Funny to think that ice cream, the classic summer sweet we love so much today was also a favorite of our founding mothers and fathers. Benjamin Franklin, George and Martha Washington and Thomas Jefferson all indulged in the frosty novelty of the time. So what better treat to serve on America's Birthday than America's favorite dessert?
Where colonials laboriously hauled frozen blocks from their ice houses, for our version we'll take advantage of modern conveniences (the freezer) to whip up this easy four ingredient no churn recipe.
I used this deliciously simple recipe from the fabulous site instructables and decided to add some seasonal ripe cherries; yummy on it's own or nostalgic popped into tall fizzy float.

Cherry Vanilla No-churn Ice Cream
2 cups heavy cream
14 ounce can condensed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla
10 ounce bag frozen cherries

Let cherries thaw just slightly and roughly chop in food processor or blender
some whole cherries may remain
Whip cream into soft peaks in chilled bowl 
stir vanilla thoroughly into condensed milk and fold into cream
gently stir cherries into mixture swirling but not over-mixing to combine in a marble pattern  
pour very gently into loaf pan and lightly smooth surface
(handle carefully to keep as much air as possible in the mixture)
I had enough ice cream to fill another small glass bowl (yay)
cover with plastic wrap and freeze 4-6 hours or overnight
let soften slightly before scooping

serve as is or top an icy coca-cola for a refreshing float

Ice cream fun facts 
The first American ice cream parlor opened in 1790 in New York City

Ice cream wasn't always a sweet treat! First Lady and avid ice cream fan Dolly Madison enjoyed oyster ice cream while other flavors included asparagus, parmesan and chestnut.

"Iced creams of great variety" were listed on the menu for a Pennsylvania Fourth of July celebration in 1791

Ice cream was such a hit that large estates including Mt. Vernon had their own ice cream machines

Ancient Romans enjoyed a version with ice brought down from mountain tops

I found these and more interesting information about food history plus an authentic historic recipe from Chef Walter Staib at the fascinating www.pbsfood

From our home to yours
Wishing our U.S. readers a 
Happy July Fourth
and our international readers
 a sweet summer!


  1. Thank You for Your sweet words about My art.I do appreciate it so much.Wonderful recipe and the whole post brought back memories of My Grandpa churning out His ice cream in His garage,with a the kids being so excited. Have a wonderful Summer-Denise

    1. Thanks Denise!
      So glad I stumbled on your recent post - I had gotten behind in my blog reading-
      Happy you enjoyed the recipe- I would love to get one of those old fashioned churners- what lovely memories you must have had

  2. Dearest Christina,
    thanks most sincerely for the so inviting recipe you've shared, actually my mouth is watering {{smiles}} !
    Hope you're having a beautiful week I'm sending blessings on your days to come,
    Happy 4yh of July to you, darling friend !

    Xx - Dany

    1. Many Thanks Daniela!
      Summer is such a fun time for old fashioned treats and this was so easy :)
      Hope you are enjoying your Summer and thanks again for your kind words.

  3. Oh my goodness, those looks good.......I can't even remember the last time I had one, I
    was a child tho............
    I was gonna do rootbeer floats for Father's Day some years back only to find my hubby
    doesn't like them.........I am gonna have to have me a coke float very soon, after seeing these pics.........probably today~!~ lol

    Interesting info about them too.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thanks Nellie!
      That's too funny- I was going to use root beer but figured cherry and coke would be a good fit- and my market had those fun retro bottles on sale :)
      I hadn't had one for ages either and forgot how yummy they were!

      Happy Fourth! Cheers!

  4. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate the USA Party. Pinning to the party board.

    1. Thanks so much! What fun party that was - so many great ideas!

  5. So glad that you came to visit my Normandy Life blog because it's given me the chance to get this great looking ice cream recipe from you and with cherries everywhere here at present I think I'll give it a try. I was watching a travel programme on TV recently where they tried anchovy ice cream, don't fancy that one, no thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Maggie!
      Anchovy Ice cream! Not sure I'd give that a try but maybe it's a new trend Yikes!
      Just love your blog -such a beautiful part of the world- I did a very short post after visiting Normandy with a basic apple tart using calvados (not easy to find a good one here)

  6. .... Greetings from Australia, I know when you visited me I was in Oxford, UK enjoying Summer! I hope you get to visit there soon :) I love Ice-cream I had three on Monday one (strawberries and cream naturally) at Wimbledon, the one on each leg of the plane home ... calories don't count when you're up in the air right?! So I am happy to read all your fun facts. One for you, the fizzy ice cream floats are called Spiders here - don't ask me why! Anyway as I'm now back in chilly winter I'll enjoy my ice cream virtually through you! Happy 4th of July enjoy your ice-cream
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren!
      What a great trip you must have had and yes I go by the rule that calories don't count at all while your on vacation lol! I guess these are a little out of season for you right now but thanks for the fun fact - I had no idea they were called Spiders- how funny!


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  8. Those look so yummy and your decorations are perfect! Pinning to share for sure.


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