Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day afternoon tea kit

While they say good times spent with loved ones is the best gift of all, I know many busy mothers and grandmothers who would relish a relaxing afternoon just to themselves. While no one can make time stand still, you can provide them with some thoughtful trappings for a restful and restorative tea time.

This kit can be easily put together and tailored to your recipients tastes.
Just a few ideas 
A Pretty decorative Box
New or vintage tea cup
Selection of individual teas or container of a favorite
Silver (or silver tone) spoon
Pretty napkin or two 
Boxed Cookies, savories or sweets 
Local honey
packaged sugar cubes
A favorite photo
Stationary and a pen
A book, magazine or journal
Cd of favorite music
silk flowers or real if delivering in person

I bought this sturdy cardboard storage box in the decor section of my local craft store. They can be found in a variety of lovely patterns and designs
 A pretty bow secures individual tea bags and a vintage spoon 
 an assortment of tea treats and little luxuries
I created this simple label with image from the Graphics Fairy

 secure with ribbon and a silk flower

This box flips open and can be used as an impromptu writing desk
    A gift Card to tea room for a future afternoon tea with friends or relatives is a fun addition 

Wishing Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers and 
"just like Mothers" Much Happiness on their Day!

We're delighted to have our Mothers Day Flower Pot Pens
featured on Joanns Crafts
This is a fun project to make with kids


  1. Brilliant. I have done similar things with baskets - but this box idea is absolutely genius. I was just at one of those craft stores yesterday and couldn't believe the gorgeous array of boxes, too. Thank you. I love this idea.

    1. Thanks so much Michele!
      Michael's Crafts had a great selection of boxes on sale (yay)
      They are great for pretty storage later on too :)

  2. I too think this a lovely idea...

  3. What a lovely idea - and so pretty!

  4. How totally wonderful. So glad you shared your creative talents!

  5. Hi: I love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Just in time for Mother's Day. Blessings, Martha

    1. Thanks Martha! I thought it was fun for Mothers day-
      and thanks as always for hosting your lovely parties!

  6. Love this! It's the perfect gift for tea lovers.

    1. Thanks Margie!
      We have a lot of tea fans in our family :)

  7. Christina, who wouldn't love this gorgeous box full of wonderful goodies? Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

    1. Thanks so much Jann! we're big tea lovers in our family :)

  8. Fantastic gift idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  9. What a lovely idea, Christina! It's one of the most inventive boxed gifts that I've seen in a long time :)

    1. Thanks so much! I love gift baskets and boxes and wanted something a little different


  10. omg I love this! This could also work for birthday or Christmas presents too!

    1. Thanks so much Angelina,
      You're so right- it could be for any occasion- even a "get well" gift


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