Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fourth of July DIY: five minute fireworks

I admit I had absolutely no idea that we owe the fabulous fireworks we enjoy every Fourth of July to a kitchen mishap nearly 2,000 years ago. Many claim the invention of fireworks dates back to the Song dynasty in China when a field cook accidentally spilled saltpeter into his fire and, when combined with the sulfur and charcoal there- kaboom -a colorful flame! 
This year while most of us will trek, blanket and snacks in hand to the nearest public fireworks display to ooh and ahh, why not also add some spark to your own backyard with this scaled down, and far less dangerous, glow stick decor.

Hanging Firework Bursts
You'll Need
small pieces of foam- used for flower arranging 
(Dollar store has the best buy on these)
black spray paint
assorted color and sized glow sticks
(I got a few packs) 
sparkly ribbon, tinsel or clear fishing line
I first sprayed the foam lightly with black paint - sometimes this causes certain types of foam to shrivel a bit so test a small area first- and let dry
Poke hole through center of foam (I used a chopstick for easy threading) and run tinsel ribbon or line through, securing with knot
 Insert glow sticks firmly placing evenly around foam for balance.
I accidentally cracked some of the sticks while inserting, setting them glowing, so for maximum light time you can insert sticks just before displaying
Hang and drape with tinsel if desired

Faux Fireworks Lantern
A lantern gets a some faux firework flare with a festive balloon weight adorned with glow sticks 
set on a craft moss ground for an outdoorsy feel
By Day
By Night

For more ideas visit our previous July fourth posts
Wishing our US readers 
a safe and
Happy Fourth!
and our overseas friends
Happy Summer!
and for cats too make sure to close those Kitty doors!


  1. loving your sparky lanterns. great idea to add a little sparky-ness.

    1. Thanks so much- I just wanted something festive but quick this year :)

  2. Now, there is a great idea. And, it's safe. Great for around kids.

    1. Thanks! yes much safer than the real thing- they are so easy to make it might be fun for kids to put together too :)


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