Monday, April 18, 2016

April in Paris: Parisian inspired round-up

While April can call to mind less than pleasant associations (rainy gray days, tax time) on a lighter note, turning the calendar page always brings to mind the classic song, (and later movie) April in Paris; those three words now epitomizing Springtime glamour and romance.
So, as an avid francophile it seemed a fitting time to revisit some of our french themed DIY"s, recipes and travel posts in a quick recap.
 It's easy to bring a little Joie du Vivre to your day with some easy projects. 
We made faux macarons in vive le macaron
a petit Eiffel tower from a garden store trellis in Springtime in Paris

We celebrated l'amour with candy wrappers, pink birds and a sweet dessert in

and we shared some of our (budget friendly) travels 

A Big 
Merci Beaucoup!
to all our
 lovely readers


  1. Oh, my darling Christina, it is I who have to thank you, and I do it with all my heart, I've been travelling to Paris with you !!!
    So very grateful for sharing such Beauty and Joy, I wish you a most wonderful week ever,
    sending love to you


    1. How sweet you are!
      Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words- So glad you enjoyed the post.


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