Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quick Thanksgiving Pumpkin Makeover

While nowadays everyone eagerly shares photos of their dinners on Instagram, what was served at the very first Thanksgiving remains a bit of a mystery. Historians believe that native fish, fowl, venison, squashes and berries featured prominently on the menu. 

Of course our perennial favorite, pumpkin pie as we know it, would appear many years later, but records indicate that English settlers of the time did often make a pumpkin custard by hollowing out pumpkins, filling the shells with milk, honey and spices and roasting them in hot ashes. Today, centuries later the festive pumpkin still figures largely in our Thanksgiving celebrations in all sorts of recipes, desserts and decorating. I thought I'd pay it homage with a quick and easy pumpkin makeover to spruce up your holiday table.
Pumpkin Makeover 
faux pumpkin
I had Halloween pumpkins still hanging around  
and picked one which was a bit worse for wear
(or there are many in craft stores on clearance)
spray paint in desired color
clear varnish
metallic puffy paint 
ribbon and crafty accents 
"Give Thanks" printable
Although turkeys are usually the star of the show, 
I opted for this image of deer for something a bit different
Printable created with lovely vintage Fall images from the

How to:
Simply spray your pumpkin desired shade, 
(I used a warm metallic rose gold tone) and let dry.
print image to desired size and cut out. 

Dot edges with metallic or jewel toned puffy paint to create a quick border 
 add any bling or accents desired
 I sprayed printable printout with a spritz of triple glaze varnish leftover from another project for a nice sheen
glue onto pumpkin and top with a bow or leaf sprig
simply display with some fall touches and natural elements
I used my mismatched china, thrift store bird themed plates with a similar color palette and gold chargers (yes, those chargers from the dollar store)

I am grateful for what I am and have.
 My thanksgiving is perpetual.
                               Henry David Thoreau

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers
a Happy Autumn to our friends worldwide.


  1. Hi Christina, What a pretty table setting and your pumpkin looks great! So elegant! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. Thanks so much Gina!
      A Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  2. What clever way to dress up a pumpkin! So pretty! Happy Thanksgiving, Christina Paul!

    1. Thanks so much Margie!
      Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  4. I'm so sorry I've lost this post of yours, darling Christina, but I hope to be in time for thanking you for another so inspiring post, you've got such a great talent which amazes me more and more ... !

    Hope you had the most joyful Thanksgiving Day ever,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your weekend

    Much Love

    Xx Dany

    1. Thanks so much Daniela!
      No worries! My computer does the same thing and sadly I miss so many posts too. Thanks again for your kind words and hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  5. Christina, I've never seen that Thoreau quote, and I'm making a note of it! "My thanksgiving is perpetual." ~ Henry David Thoreau I've always been interested in what the Pilgrims ate since I am a food person and had 13 ancestors on the Mayflower. I think of them whenever I make my Indian Pudding.

    1. Hi Jean,
      I had never heard that Thoreau quote before either but thought it was so lovely. I'd love to try to make Indian pudding- I'm so fascinated by food history- (although sadly I'm not a great cook at all lol) So funny I have ancestors dating back to the Mayflower too - I've been trying to work on some family history research -quite a daunting task- seems so far many of mine were Quakers eventually settling in Pennsylvania - but not much on what they ate lol


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