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Pet Projects

Ginger Dog Treats in a Jar 
 Kitty Silhouettes

I recently read that Americans spend an average of $5 million dollars on their pets over the holiday season! Santa's list includes personalized Christmas stockings, a variety of toys and treats, not to mention spiffy new holiday outfits! 
Although Fluffy and Fido are worth every penny, here are some budget friendly ideas to celebrate our furry friends this season.

Ginger Dog Treats in a Jar

Recipe from Rachel Ray
While your baking human cookies, why not throw in a batch of yummy holiday dog treats as well? This is also a fun and easy gift for any of the dog lovers on your list.

There are also other great recipes to try at this site (peanut butter pictured above)

Please Note: the original recipe continued cinnamon but a reader mentioned this could adversely affect dogs so I removed it. Ask your vet to be sure!
You'll need:
 Mason jar or decorative container (must hold 3 cups)
3 cups Wheat flour
1/2 tsp ground ginger-
tag with baking instructions (we have one on our Printables page)
dog bone cookie cutter- or any holiday shapes (a cat cookie cutter would be a riot)
ribbon or twine

Simply mix dry ingredients in jar, attach a fun cookie cutter and recipe tag! 
*Make sure to check with your vet if your dog has any dietary restrictions

Kitty Silhouettes

Everyone has digital photos of their pets but why not turn those pics into a classic silhouette. Of course this centuries old portrait technique originally used candlelight (and lots of patience) but we'll do more modern easy DIY versions.
These can also be done for dogs (or birds, or guinea pigs or humans for that matter) but since cats are known for demanding adoration from their owners, honoring them with their likeness to be prominently displayed seemed a fitting tribute. 
You'll Need:
photos of subject in profile 
(this can be more difficult that it would seem-even with an infinite collection of cat pics like mine)
sturdy paper or card stock
assorted paints
mini canvases
old jar lids- spray painted solid color
scrapbook paper
ribbbon, trim, glitter, odds and ends 

Once I found photos to use I sized them to scale and printed them out on sturdy paper

 The model, overseeing the creative process
 with a dark pen, I outlined the subject, taking license with the fur around the neckline to create a pleasing portrait
The photos don't have to be great light or focus-wise, more important is the angle of their cute little heads. Once outlined, carefully cut out silhouette.

 I flipped them over to tell how they would look in a solid color. These were fine but I added on the second ears, just feeling they looked more feline.

 There are several techniques you can use to create your pet portrait.
Using the silhouette as a template I placed it firmly on a mini canvas and painted the background black using a dabbing motion- like sponge painting. Once removed, the negative silhouette is created in white.

 I touched up any imperfections in the outline carefully with a small paintbrush and added some wispiness to the fur in places and "Le Chat" in white. Then I topped with a ribbon hanger and Voila!
I then finished painting the template cutout black and was able to create another portrait


I chose traditional black for these but any color combo will do.I lined the lids with scrapbook paper and glued the cut out portraits in the center. I also tried to match the color and style to the pet's personality: one loves sitting on books so I used the script the other fancies herself a princess so the pink damask.
 I then covered with a coat of Diamond glaze, let dry thoroughly and added trim, accents and ribbon hangers.

Wishing All Creatures great and small a Happy 2013!


  1. Thanks - I'm a cat person - haha

  2. So creative Christina! I"m looking for the bird treat house and scoping out your fabulous blog.

    ~ Sherrie (Bird Lady)


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