Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chance of Flurries

Edible Snow Globes

There is something truly magical about a snow globe. Who hasn't gazed wistfully into one, mesmerized by the miniature perfect frosty world contained inside? Originally designed as paperweights in the 1800's, snow globes, (or waterdomes or snow shakers) have literally taken the world by "storm"; from plastic souvenirs to high end crystal spheres complete with music and flashing lights.
I thought it might be fun to create an "edible" version and although these treats are not completely true to their highly popular inspiration, they are a whimsical dessert that looks fun on the table for kids or kids at heart.

These are similar to the little oceans (gummy sharks swimming in blue jello) you might see at a child's birthday party but use a clear gelatin, snowman peeps and coconut "snow"

You'll Need
marshmallow Peep Characters (frozen until hard)
gelatin or vegetarian alternative
shredded coconut
sprite or clear soda or juice
blue sugar or coloring
wine glasses or globe shaped glassware

I followed the recipe on the knox gelatin label for knox bloc, using clear soda (sprite) in place of the water and fruit juice and reducing the packets of gelatin to three, but depending on the brand you may need to experiment. I also added a dash of blue sugar sprinkles as I was out of blue food coloring, to give it a pale blue cooler hue and to counteract the natural yellowy cast) There are also several vegetarian alternatives to gelatin I am dying to try.

Pour a small amount of gelatin in bottom of cup adding a generous amount of coconut. Let chill (about an hour).

 Press snowman peeps firmly into firm gelatin base, cutting a slit in surface if necessary. Once frosty is standing steady, carefully pour in a bit more gelatin mixture (don't cover completely as snowmen will float to the top. I lost a few that way) Chill again and repeat process continuing to add layers of gelatin mixture and sprinkles of coconut a bit at a time. I kept the gelatin mixture at room temperature during this process
Once jelled, sprinkle with more coconut and enjoy!

These were a bit tricky to photograph and are clearer in person. They have a light lemon lime coconut taste. Serve on a silver tray to catch the light.
Would love to try a "grown-up" version with Champagne!

Wishing you the Happiest of New Years!

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