Monday, October 13, 2014

Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals: Animal Lifeline

I so was delighted when I learned talented blogger Jeanette Chaney of Country Design Style was hosting 
Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals
again this year. 
Rescue pets have been part of our family for as long as I remember and I was thrilled to support and help bring attention to organizations which benefit this very worthy cause. The fact that the event also includes thrift shopping and crafting made it a 
The Challenge: 
1) Find a nearby thrift store whose proceeds benefits animals    
 2) Buy an item to redo and/or feature in your blog post 
  3)  Share your post and link up with other participating bloggers on October 14th   
Inspire others by sharing a story 
about how rescuing a pet has
 impacted your life 
    Not familiar with thrift shops benefitting animals in my immediate area, an online search happily led me to Animal Lifeline  
 located in Warrington Pa. Set in a modest suburban shopping plaza, the unassuming storefront belies the amazing scope of work this multifaceted organization does nationwide on behalf of animals in need.
Clockwise from top left: A cheery mural celebrates our furry friends, A four footed coworker on break, Fall and Halloween items welcome shoppers by the front window, china and collectables - including lots of animals of course, much needed Disaster relief

I was delighted to be able to chat with Animal Lifeline's founder Denise Bash who kindly took the time to tell me about some of the history, challenges and goals of this wonderful organization.
Started in 2006 as a garage sale, animal lifeline is now an instrumental resource for animal welfare, partnering with other organizations to help animals who are victims of disasters and abuse as well as raising funds for shelter rebuilds, supplies and much needed spaying and neutering
For more information visit

Headlines: responding, rescuing and rebuilding,
stray cat Pele (found trapped in a soccer net) now safe and sound,
a doggy 5k fundraiser, a kitty check-up
photos Animal lifeline site and Pele by Cpaul

The thrift shop itself features 4 rooms brimming with a variety of housewares, clothing, children's items and gifts all delightfully and artfully arranged by theme. (there's even a wedding room) and the helpful cheerful shop staff clearly have a passion for the work they do.
 I found several fabulous treasures.....
 but since Chloe immediately commandeered the footstool, I thought I'd choose it to redo as a fun perch for her and my other finicky feline friends.
I popped off the top of the stool, cutting away the top layer of fabric (there were 3 more layers underneath so this was a re-re-redo) and gave the base a quick spritz using brushed metallic spray paint I had on hand.
I then cut out a layer of 1" foam, adding it for extra "creature" comfort. I tightly covered the top with white canvas fabric, stapling securely to the wood underneath. 
Once taut I began painting using chalk paint and acrylics.

I decided on a regal crowned kitty, stenciling "Le Chat" for some french flair and stamped a border in matte silver. Since the look is a bit shabby chic, I didn't fret over slight dings and drips and smudges.
 A spritz of clear coat added durability and protects against muddy paws. 

Does her majesty approve? We'll have to wait and see.

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Photo Pet memento from last Years Thrift benefit: Blessing of the animals
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Thanks so much for visiting!
 hanging out in the Animal Lifeline office 

Please check out the links below or pop over to Country Design Style for the other bloggers participating in this event and links to touching rescue stories, inspired DIY projects and the various charities serving our furry friends around the country.


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute is that?? Love the regal kitty painted on there! :)

    1. Thanks so much Christy! Still waiting for the cats to approve lol :)

  2. Christina I adore your painting! Thank you for joining us again this year and for introducing everyone to Animal Lifeline. I have never heard of them but love the work they do. ~Jeanette

    1. Thanks Jeanette! and thanks for putting this all together :) It must be so much work but I think you started a tradition!

  3. I can't believe that Animal Lifeline started out as a garage sale. What a success! Your kitty foot stool is ADORABLE!! Love it and I want one for my cat now ;D

    1. Thanks Amy- I know - a garage sale! can you believe it? Thanks for visiting and so glad you enjoyed project :)

  4. Stories like this are so heartening. I donated and added the button to my blog. You found a way to address a heartbreaking subject in an upbeat and positive way. So glad to add my support to a cause close to my heart.

    1. Thanks so much Susan that's so sweet of you! They will be delighted! It can be heartbreaking at times but there are so many great organizations working so hard out there! This is the second annual animal blog benefit Jeanette has hosted and there is more and more interest-I hope it becomes it a tradition!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was fun to do - but the cats are still undecided about it lol

  6. Your artwork is amazing! I love the stool that you made over for your sweet kitty. I'll bet she'll enjoy it very soon.

    1. Thanks so much Paula! This was fun to redo- but kitties are picky customers lol :)

  7. Wow, that is a beautiful stool! Lucky kitty!

    1. Thanks so much! the cats are still deciding weather they like it lol :)

  8. OH, how great is that?! I love it! Lucky kitty for sure :)

    1. Thanks so much Nancy!
      I'm trying to get a photo of her sitting on it LOL :)


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