Sunday, April 12, 2015

The First of May: Cupcake May Baskets

 Since ancient times, cultures and religions around the globe have welcomed the arrival of Spring with gleeful and sometimes raucous celebrations of all kinds. Garlands of flowers, music, dancing, and often a May Pole played a key part in ushering in warmer weather as new plants and animals sprang to life. After an especially grueling and seemingly endless winter this year (and having not relocated to the tropics as was seriously considered) I decided some celebration of Spring, however small, was a must.
Though the tradition of delivering tiny surprise baskets of flowers and treats to family and neighbors has waned in recent times, I thought I'd pay homage to this most charming idea with a sweet whimsical and edible cupcake version to enjoy with friends at home.

May Day Basket Cupcakes
These can be made with any favorite flavor of homemade or store bought cupcakes and icing.
You'll Need
Wafer cookies 
Favorite flavor Cupcakes 
Licorice (trimmed to size)
Trim overhanging cake from cupcake top to make sides level
Ice sides and carefully adhere wafer cookies around cakes
(These can be trimmed to size with a serrated knife if needed)
Decorate Tops with icing
Cut licorice to size and insert as handle
(shorter pieces stand up straighter) 
add berries and mint
Display on a platter. 
A chalkboard sign marks the day and pretty tea cups continue the flower theme
Serve for a Spring tea
Please note: these may need to be disassembled to eat and are best enjoyed on a plate with a fork

Mini Maypole
A mini May Pole is easily fashioned from a chopstick, pastel ribbons, hot glue and flower topper. Simply pop into some Spring grass
or into a leftover Easter centerpiece

For a larger party or basket on a larger scale you can adapt this summer berry version from our
Simply add flowers and Spring hued ribbons
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Including a May Day Fairy Garden
Syllabub dessert and Flower cones
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