Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A New Years Eve Tree! Why not?

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays winding down, why not ring in the new Year with a little whimsical decor that can brighten the spirits but is easy on your time and budget.

 Using some holiday leftovers and a few odds and ends it's easy to create a festive tablescape to welcome the year ahead with flair.

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                                               Coming out of the box, our tree needs a little TLC

but the tree looks fun and festive spruced up with party beads, a clock printout, silver ball ornament and dress-up feather boa

A silver ball ornament is a nod to Time's Square

Wintry accents add sparkle

Wishing all our Readers
A Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Five Minute Ice Globes

Even when the weather outside is frightful, Jack Frost  can surprise us in delightful ways. Icy conditions that make a morning commute or grocery store run a dreaded chore, become magical when turning trees and landscapes into a glistening winter wonderland. 

Of course the holidays are the perfect time to bring a bit of this frozen beauty indoors.

 With some inexpensive supplies you might have on hand it's easy to create wintry icy orbs without the freezing or melty mess. 

The real thing. A frozen ice bubble:  pixaby.com

By now we've all seen countless ways to craft with those clear plastic globe ornaments. Readily available at Dollar and Craft stores, they can be found in different sizes and styles(some snap together in two pieces and some have a removable hanger and small opening at the topEither style ornament works for this almost embarrassingly easy project.

You'll Need
for the ICE GLOBES
Clear globe ornaments
Plastic wrap (yes plastic wrap)
Dollar Tree

Then display with
Tray, Bowl, or Stand
Battery flameless lights
Faux greens, Optional wintry accents

Simply tear off sections of plastic wrap and insert into globe (a pencil helps arrange and loosen wrap inside for top opening ornaments) 

Then have fun adding a little icy glow to your holiday decor

By Day on a sunny Windowsill

Pop a few in a vase and display with winter white accents

Or perch on a pedestal with whimsical woodland decor

Simply nestled in greens on a thrift shop platter

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Wishing everyone 
the Beauty & Joys
of the Season