Friday, April 12, 2019

Wedgewood Inspired Easter Egg Cookies

While purple and yellow are the traditional "official" colors of Easter, this year I thought I would veer off palette in my kitchen endeavors. Taking inspiration from the elegant and timeless Jasperwear made famous by Josiah Wedgewood in the late 1770's, I opted for the cheerful and classic color duo of "Wedgewood" blue and white for this holiday's Spring treats. 
These cookie creations are easy to put together and make whimsical and unique hostess gifts or sweet additions to your table or Easter baskets.
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You'll need
Plain Easter Egg Shaped Cookies
homemade or store bought
blue candy melts
white candy melts
reserve some for piping borders
assorted candy molds
candy melt squeeze bottles
I admit it. I saw these cute Easter cookie kits in several shops and due to schedule and "cookie skill" constraints (I have yet to be able to bake a decent sugar cookie), I sprung for them, using the perfectly shaped cookies and saving the included icing and decorations for project some later date. Of course skilled bakers might want to use their own homemade recipe.
My first step was to make the white accents. I chose molds of bunnies (really a lollipop mold without the stick), leaves, swirls and tiny flowers which would fit the cookie size nicely and then made according to package directions. I set them in the refrigerator until cold and firm.
The cookies from the kit had cute decorative imprints but I flipped them over for a smoother surface.

I then melted the blue melts and covered the cookies as evenly as possible.
While still slightly warm, I added the white accent candies from the refrigerator, pressing firmly.
After melting the remaining white chocolate I used a squeeze bottle (designed for candy melts from my craft store), adding swirls and borders around the cookie edges. 
While unable to work in any great artistic detail, the simple scrolls and dots added flare and that "wedgewood" touch to the treats.

Creating border patterns was lots of fun and gave the cookies more a finished look.

bunnies and carrots add some whimsy
 Display with Spring and Easter themed and decor 
makes a lovely snack with a cup of tea

For those who don't celebrate Easter or for other times of the year, "Wedgewood" cookies can be made for any festive occasion. Simply substitute round, square or heart shaped cookies for the egg shapes and use different themed candy molds.

Though most famous for blue, why not try other lovely Wedgewood inspired candy colors like pink or green for variety.
Wishing everyone all the joys of