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Life is not a matter of Milestones, but of Moments
                                                                        Rose Kennedy

I like to always think there is a reason to celebrate something. PennyWise features my collection of crafts, recipes and entertaining ideas to help celebrate life's significant and not so significant occasions; both the holidays and the every-days, with fun, flair and of course, without breaking the bank.
A freelance artist with a degree in Fine Art, when not blogging, I work on illustrations and create original whimsical paintings which I sell online, cue self promotion: (Le Beau Chaton). I currently live in lovely Bucks County Pennsylvania with my husband and ever-growing group of rescued feline friends, who provide endless inspiration and entertainment.
It seems the term “starving artist” isn’t just a cliché and for many years I also worked side jobs in hospital settings - first with seniors and then with at risk children. Since I was employed in the creative therapeutic departments, celebrating holidays, creating events and bringing some fun and happiness to clients who truly deserved it, was a big part of my job description. Of course doing so on a non-profit budget was truly a daunting challenge but with creative coworkers, hours logged onto crafting sites, and endless trips to dollar stores, it was also the spark for some very frugal but remarkably fun and festive ideas.
Lucky for me I also grew up with an exceptionally creative family who absolutely loved to entertain. (My childhood DIY birthday parties were the envy of my friends-even with everything hand-crafted by my parents– and long before DIY was a term, or trend) I learned early on, the joy in creating by hand, events and memories for others to share.
I hope you get inspired by some of these ideas.


  1. Thanx for visiting me. Thought I would return the favor and visit your site. Decided to join!!

    1. Thanks so much so glad you've joined!! So pleased I found your site!
      I'm a bit new to blogging so I'm still figuring everything out :)

  2. Hi, C.
    I think we have similar experience/interests. I am a hospice volunteer and I work as an admin for Children's Ministries in a church! Volunteers rock!
    Your about me page is inspiring. I'm going to check out your art now...

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Revi!
      I agree about volunteers! :)
      Wow- Being a hospice worker takes a special kind of courage and strength- with that and your job you must have a wonderful gift for helping others! It seems we have had similar paths-
      it's so nice to meet kindred spirits in blogland.

  3. At which dollar store did you find the "wand kits"?

    Thanks! :)~

    1. I'm was in one in bucks county pa - but I don't think they have them anymore- most larger craft stores have them or something similar in the fun foam section! Party stores are also good - Hope this helps :)

  4. Would you have a printable for the "Run for the Roses" banner on your hat of the same?

    1. Hi Ruth,
      So sorry - this was a hat my mother made for a Kentucky Derby party which I borrowed- I think she just printed out the words and glued them to craft paper :)

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