Sunday, October 9, 2016

Halloween Candy Bar Makeovers

Although the sad day eventually comes when we realize we are too old for trick or treating, the love of sweet treats is something we never outgrow. 
Even if it has been decades since you traipsed door to door on October 31st, why not indulge in your favorite candy bar, all the more fun spruced up with some Halloween flare.
There are countless ideas and printables out there for fun and frightful DIY candy rewraps for kids of all ages to be found online, but I thought I'd try a few whimsical not-so-spooky images to lend your confections a more festive than frightening and, dare we say, more grown-up air.


These are for the luxuriously large (once in a while) bars. 
Simply click on wrapper images to enlarge and print. (You may need to adjust printout size to fit your candy selection.) 
These labels work best on regular or oversized bars. I surprisingly found these yummy bars from Germany on sale at my local Supermarket. I designed these labels using fun vintage images from the fabulous
I wrapped the candy bars in foil to cover label completely and then after trimming new printable label to size, wrapped around bar and taped discreetly on back.

a "not so scary" well dressed witch for fashionistas
purrfect for feline fanciers
for fans of feathered friends
for literary types, give a nod to Edgar allen Poe's famous raven

  These make fun party favors, simply display with some subtly spooky seasonal accents or enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea

For more romantic occasions, pop over and see our valentine's Day DIY candy wrapper post Sweets for the sweet

Wishing Everyone 
a Purrfectly Magical
Fall Season!