Blog Parties

One thing I love about the blogging is having the opportunity to "meet" the wonderful other bloggers from around the globe who share so many of my interests. I'm so lucky to be in such a welcoming community of crafters, cooks and creatives.
The bloggers listed here not only have wonderful sites of their own, but they generously host weekly "parties" where a variety blogging enthusiasts can share their latest projects. So whether you're browsing for fabulous ideas or sharing your own, there's always a party going on:

(Due to tech difficulties- we're still fine tuning and adding more links)

Tuesday Cuppa Tea

cozylittlehouse Wednesday

Pattern Party


  1. printing these labels are hard.. I can't seem to copy and paste just the ones I want

    1. Hi Kathy,
      So sorry you're having trouble- It may depend on what type of computer you're using- On mine, if you click on the image it should enlarge so it is the only image on the screen - then at the top of the page click file and print-
      Or if I right click the image I can copy and paste it into word and resize etc. Sorry I'm not very techy!
      I just added them to my printables page so you can see if that is easier to work with or If you'd like I could email the images to you later today (you can send your email address via the "contact us" button) Hope this helps

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