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Auld Lang Syne: Happy New Year

Champagne Bubble Tablescape * Noisemakers Makeover

I admit it: I happily slept through the last few New Year's Eves, blissfully unaware of the frenzied countdown to midnight in Times Square; but just because you're not wide eyed and bushy tailed at the stroke of twelve doesn't mean you can't enjoy some New Year's Spirit with a few easy and festive touches that won't start next year's budget in the red.

For these projects, much of what I used, I had on hand. Sometimes in the spirit Christmas creativity I overdo the craft and dollar store runs. So comes December 26th, it's not unusual to find myself with a few extra (meant to get to them) unused craft supplies: clear glass ornaments, pearlized garland, silver tinsel - still in packages. Fortunately many of these items in a crystalline or white palette translate perfectly into New Year's decor. Don't have leftovers? No worries, most of these, or similar items can be found at after-holiday sales for mere pennies on the dollar.

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Bubble, Bubble
Champagne Bubble Centerpiece

You'll Need
Aforementioned "leftovers": glass globes, beaded garland, anything sparkly
Fishing line or clear beading string
Clear Pearl effect  or sparkle paint (if desired)
Chandelier, overhead light, or ceiling hook

Since Champagne can quickly go flat, why not create a flurry of unbreakable bubbles over your dining table or buffet. Those glass globes which crafters reinvent a million ways over the holidays: fill with snow, paint like a snowman, etc - make perfect light catching "bubbles" when unadorned, just as they are. Of course, if desired you can simply swirl some clear pearl effect paint inside and let dry for added luminescence. Throw in some soft white or champagne colored balls and simply hang your bubbles amid any garlands or tinsel in whatever design catches your fancy. You can also set some globes on your centerpiece to continue the effervescent effect.

For this display I cut varying lengths of clear monofilament attaching a globe at both ends of each string. Then I draped the line over the different curves in the light fixture. This saves a lot of knot tying directly onto the light fixture- especially when you're precariously perched on a dining room chair. Also this allows an easy adjustment in the length of the line once they are hung- simply gently pull one globe longer- the other will shorten- but it beats tying and untying.

I added some smaller white "bubbles" and other sparkle for interest. Pop a bottle of bubbly display some noisemakers and you're ready to ring in the next 365 days.

 I painted a Dollar store tray with chalkboard paint and wrote MMXIII
(yes I had to look up the Roman numerals)
The "clock" is from the printables put into mini frame ornament
Disclaimer: That's Prosecco in the glass stand, a wonderful italian sparkler and great alternative to more pricey bubbly. The good stuff on the table was a gift!

Make some Noise

They say the tradition of noise makers dates to ancient times as a way to chase off evil spirits. Though these aren't guaranteed to transcend the spiritual realm, they look fun displayed on the table and will make a good clamor come midnight.

You'll Need:
Party noisemakers (run about a $1 a pack)
Clock and music Printables (on our Printables page), or scrapbook, wrapping paper or stickers
tinsel and streamers
odds and ends
glue or hot glue

Though these noisemakers scream "party", I thought I'd give them an easy makeover to highlight the vintagey  New Year's theme and toned down color scheme. I simply cut images and doilies and hot glued over the existing noisemaker, then cut out accents like the clocks and added with ribbon or tinsel accents, or whatever you have on hand.

I found this vintage free art online. The music is "Auld Lang Syne" which apparently loosely translated means "the good old days"

The fun part is making each one unique.

before and after

Wishing everyone A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

great vintage images from:


  1. I love your vintage noisemakers. I wanted to make something special for the New Year and this project is perfect! The "Auld Lang Syne" sheet music and the clocks are just the right touch for the New Year Celebration! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring post at Simple & Sweet Fridays! Wishing you a Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks so much- so glad you liked them- and so glad I stumbled on your site-and Simple and Sweet Fridays- I'm not terribly tech-y but I added your button so hope people can link up to it! I'm newer to the world of blogging but it is such a fun welcoming community!

  2. These noisemakers are so cute! A great craft project for the kids!

  3. Love the noisemakers! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Christina, Congrats! You've been featured at Simple & Sweet Fridays for this fantastic post "Auld Lang Syne". Thanks for sharing and don't forget to grab a button if you'd like. Have a wonderful week!


    1. I'm so thrilled! Thanks so much! I think I got your button working on my sidebar!

    2. I got it to work on the post too! Yay! Thanks again!

  5. What a fun centrepiece. I slept through midnight too. I was too pooped after Christmas festivities to stay up later than 11. Happy New Year. :)

    1. Thanks so much! The holidays definitely take it out of you- Maybe next year I'll stay up:)


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