Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giveaway- Charming Ramsign House Numbers

Thanks for Visiting! Our contest is now over.

Ramsign Giveaway
I was so delighted when Ramsign offered one of their charming European style address numbers for a giveaway. These beautifully handcrafted enamel signs can be ordered in an array of styles and colors to enhance a variety of house designs. How fabulous would one be as a housewarming gift?
To enter for a chance to win simply pop over to the Ramsign site where you can admire their gallery of designs, learn about the history of the company and see how these delightful signs are created. Then just leave a comment here on Pennywise stating which style would be your top pick should you be selected as the winner. You can also visit them on facebook for more photos and ideas about how to include these beautiful signs in your decor.

The winner may select any house number from 1-5 digits
(sorry no name signs or address plaques)
A lucky commenter will be picked at random. Once the giveaway is closed, the numbers of comments will be put into a basket (or hat) and one will be randomly picked. The comment corresponding to that number will be the winner. Not terribly high tech I'm afraid, but should do the trick. Sorry friends and relatives don't count. Ramsign will contact winner via email to take order. 
Contest open through April 30th

A road to a friend's house is never long   Danish Proverb
assorted color palettes create different looks
A unique accent for interiors too
not just for addresses
why not order one featuring the year you were married?

Good Luck!

PennyWise Housewarming tips
Have a friend moving into a new home?
Giving housewarming gifts is a long time honored tradition and each culture has it's own unique customs. Some believe in giving a broom to sweep away evil or salt for good fortune. Why not create a fun gift basket featuring a bit more desirable gifts thought to bring good luck and happiness to the new homeowners.
you can reprint this or enclose your own gift tag
images from graphics fairy

A bird may be ever so small, it always seeks a nest of its own
Danish Proverb



  1. Oooh, I did enjoy the oval sign so that we could use it up at our lake house! :)

    But, if was going to pick one without the street name on it I would choose the blue and white. Love those the most!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week.


    1. Thanks for visiting Jillian-
      A lake house- I'm so jealous:)
      Thanks for entering!

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  3. I love the Engelheart with the 4 numbers! That would look great with our black and white house! :) Al so LOVE the round ones- so cute!!! Thanks for your site! FUnny thing is I need a housewarming gift for my brother and I love the little saying you posted! Perfect!

    1. Thanks for entering the giveaway Kristin-
      and so glad you liked the housewarming saying-there are other traditions I found online as well but thought these were fun!

  4. Metropolitan with 4 numbers black and white is my choice.
    Love these and hope I win.

  5. Hi Christina,
    I'd love the Highlander round plaque with a number 7, black on white background.
    These are SO cool! Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Thanks for entering!
      I really like these signs too :)
      Cheers and Good Luck

  6. I really love the highlander. Great blog by the way! You are very talented.

  7. I love the Metropolitan. I love Ramsign and have admired them for a long time. Thanks so much for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  8. Beautiful signs! I love the Highlander... so elegant looking! I enjoyed reading the history and how they are made by hand; so cool! Thank you for hosting the contest!

  9. hi christina! may God bless you as always, thank for sharing your ideas like this one, like the idea featuring the year you've got married with green and black combo of the numbers cool... house construction Philippines

    1. Thanks Charisse!
      So Glad you liked the idea!

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