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Springtime in Paris: DIY Eiffel Tower from Garden Trellis

Everyone has a favorite vacation memory but part of the joy of traveling is bringing back a little inspiration from places you've visited; whether recreating an authentic recipe, displaying souvenir photos or even recreating an iconic but very downsized landmark to enjoy on your own home turf. 
With a few easy to find craft and garden supplies, and for less than the price of a box of gourmet macarons, you can create your very own, albeit significantly smaller Eiffel Tower.

Hard to believe this iconic structure was created only as a temporary entrance to the 1889 worlds fair. Ironically over a century later, Gustav Eiffel's initially maligned tower, called "useless and monstrous" by some protesters, is now a symbol synonymous with Paris itself and one of the most recognizable landmarks around the globe.

Though not for every decor, Our more petit "Tour Eiffel" would be a fun accent for a Francophile's room, accent for a French themed party (think Bastille Day!), or perhaps just a fun way to bring a little joie du vivre to your home.

It seems the Eiffel Tower and everything Paris is all the rage right now and although you can buy an endless variety of Eiffel towers in countless shops and online sites, I thought creating my own would be lots of fun.

You'll Need:
 Wooden plant trellis-
 (I got mine by Garden Treasures at Lowes, the shape was perfect and it was on sale!)
 French Printable
 Assorted Decorative lace and edging 
 Square wire wreath frame -(in floral section of craft stores)
 Wood laser cut accent frame (craft store 99 cents)
 Sheet of plastic canvas 
 Metallic spray paint- 
I used brushed nickel by Krylon and a shinier Rustoleum chrome
 Washi or thin painters tape
 acrylic paint and glitter glue for accents
wide ribbon or paper printout of flag, if desired

Set up trellis according to directions (super easy) and slip wire frame over top so it rests evenly. 
Spray paint first light coat of desired color(s) I chose a satin nickel metallic and chrome randomly layered, but you could get creative with a kitschy bright pink, an elegant glimmering gold, or the French flag colors of red white and blue: anything goes!
Add accents I'd never used the wildly popular paper or washi tape and it didn't adhere to this wood surface all that well, but with a few dabs of hot glue we were good to go and it stood up to the final spray paint coat perfectly.
lace, edging and plastic canvas create details

While trellis is drying, you can spray paint any lace and accents with matching color. After measuring, I cut an arch out of plastic canvas and hot glued the lace accent to edge. I cut notches in the lace so it would follow arch.
Please Note: Architects and engineers -since this is such an instantly identifiable landmark and our version is just a whimsical interpretation, I didn't worry all that much about architectural accuracy. Using hot glue and artistic license, I simply attached lace, tape and plastic canvas until I was happy with the design.
 Final touches: I gave it one more more even spritz of spray paint, some quick crisscross marks in grey craft paint and added a celebratory "plaque" as a finishing touch.
                                                    created using images from graphics fairy

A flag cut from ribbon sits atop a painted "chopstick" pole
You can add a spritz of clear coating to help protect tower when it makes outside appearances for parties or picnics on the patio but should be kept indoors long term.
 Display indoors with French themed accessories

or bring out doors for a Parisian picnic

a wicker basket and souvenirs
 vintage luggage, a petit bike and wine for deux
or after dark add a holiday globe to give a romantic glow

Love all things Paris? You might enjoy my 

Eiffel Tower lamp in Paris Window CPaul2013

Thanks for visiting!

photo cpaul2013


  1. Very cute! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  2. What a lovely idea. Your Eiffeltower turned out wonderful!
    Thank you very much for your kind words about our cat.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Thanks Julia!
      This was a fun project to make-
      Again, sorry for your lost- we always have a houseful of rescued furry friends, many of them "seniors" and it's so heartbreaking to say goodbye

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! I had such fun putting it together :)

  4. what a great idea! i am loving all things paris these days. i am so glad you went to the top of notre dame, too-they were my favorite views.
    have a great week,

    1. Thanks so much- I'm loving all things Paris too-lol
      Your photos are just amazing- hope you post some more!

  5. Christina, your Eiffel Tower is tres chic!! It was great meeting you at the Country Living Fair this past weekend! I am a new fan, and follower, for sure!

    1. Merci! Thanks so much Sue,
      It was great meeting you as well! Wasn't that fair fabulous?
      I'm following you as well- you had me at Berry Cobblers!

  6. I'm visiting from the Show Me What Ya Got Party Christina. You are so creative - love this idea! The graphic you added to the frame is so perfect too. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thanks so much Marie!
      I really had a lot of fun putting it together - of course now I have a 4 1/2 foot Eiffel tower in my dining room and I'm not sure what to do with it :)

  7. So clever and so adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing at Redouxinteriors :)

    1. Merci! So glad you enjoyed it- and thanks for hosting your weekly parties :)

  8. What a neat idea! Who cares about architectural accuracy, your rendition is adorable! I love French inspired d├ęcor. This one takes the cake. :)

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I figured it would be close enough without an engineering degree-lop
      So glad you stopped by and delighted you enjoyed the project :)

  9. Such a clever beautiful idea! LOVE it! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

    1. Thanks so much Kathy
      I really enjoy being part of your lovely parties!

  10. Your Le Petit Eiffel is just absolutely adorable! I wouldn't have thought that it was made from a trellis. You made it seem like it's super easy to make. Those other accents are very cute, too! If ever I do try and make that one out, I think I'll paint mine a shade of cream, just like how the real tower looks like when hit by the light of the afternoon sun. Thanks for that lovely inspiration!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

    1. Thanks so much Clint!
      It's really not difficult to make
      It's funny I kept changing my mind about the color- a cream tone would be fabulous!
      Thanks for visiting :)

  11. What a great idea! I'll have to make one of these for the Night in Paris dinner I'm having in Spring! I wonder if there are smaller wooden plant trellises that would fit as a table centerpiece? Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. Thanks so much Emily!
    A night in Paris Dinner! How fabulous! I'll let you know if I come across smaller trellises- I was initially thinking of using a tomato cage before I happened on this trellis- maybe those smaller metal supports they put in plants might work too. Would love to see photos of your party


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