Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Berry Basket Cake: Fourth of July Dessert

Nothing says summer like a basket of freshly picked ripe berries!
 And when the basket is really a cookie covered confection, it adds even more sweetness to your next seasonal party or Fourth of July celebration. 
For this easy DIY dessert you can use a homemade cake recipe, box mix, or even store-bought cake depending on time and baking skills (mine are marginal so I opted for help from Betty Crocker)

You'll Need
Your favorite flavor cake in appropriate size/shape
 (I used round but a square basket would be great too)
Pirouette cookies or any rolled cookie with open center
Any flavor and color frosting thick enough to secure cookies
 (I used a quick homemade butter icing)
Assorted fresh berries
Lightweight bendable wire or cut coat hanger
Mint leaves for garnish
melted jam if desired
Frost sides and top of cakes. Using a serrated knife, trim cookies to desired size. 
Save cut ends to use as basket handle
Arrange pirouette cookies pressing firmly into frosting
Rinse and dry berries thoroughly on paper towel.
 I tied a ribbon accent around cake for added flair and to help secure cookies
 Thread leftover cut cookie ends onto wire to form basket handle. 
Insert ends of wire into cake.
Arrange berries on top (I filled the hole in cake center with berries to level surface) Add mint leaves if desired.
 Berries can be brushed with melted jam if desired to preserve freshness or can be served immediately as is.
Display with festive accents and serve with ice cream

PennyWise Tip
This cake can be adapted to a variety of occasions.
For summer birthdays add a fun scrapbook birthday banner or for a floral version great for a tea party or Mother's Day, in place of fruit, simply pipe frosting roses or add sugar flowers to basket.

 For more July fourth ideas check out our fun Patriotic Candy Cones and healthy and sweet Watermelon cake from our A red, white and blue birthday post

Wishing our U.S. readers a very 
Happy July Fourth
to our friends across the pond
Happy Summer!


  1. HiChristina!
    :Love your post. So simple, but what a wow.
    Thanks for showing your true colors. Hope link more posts thru the week!

    1. Thanks so much!
      This really was so simple and fun to put together- so glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. What a cute cake! Love it!!

    1. Thanks so much Deb!
      It was really pretty easy to make!
      Happy Fourth!

  3. How pretty and you make it look so simple to x

  4. Love the cake! Your patriotic candy cones from last year are a favorite.

    1. Thanks Susan!
      The cones survived the winter so i brought them out for this year too lol


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