Sunday, October 18, 2015

Raven Chandelier: Nevermore Decor

While tis the season to conjure up all manner of ghosts and goblins, regular readers may know that despite Halloween being my very favorite holiday, ironically I'm not a real fan of the grim, ghoulish or gory. Luckily it's fun and easy to add an air of eerie elegance to your decor without the frightful fear factor.
DIY chandeliers are all the rage (just pop over to Pinterest) and it's easy to find endless inspiration and fabulous, elaborate ideas online. I thought I'd share a relatively simple one I created just to add some flair to the holiday but have fun creating your own version. This is really an "anything goes" DIY that can suit a variety of favorite themes and color schemes
I used
child size hula hoop
black feather boa and tinsel
black faux flowers
 all Dollar store
party crown
beaded necklaces (5 for $1)
from party store
assorted ravens (from Halloweens past)
black spray paint
flameless votives 
black ones would have been great
clear tape
Although the hula hoop aptly featured a candy corn pattern, I gave it and the crown a quick spritz of black paint to go with the theme
I then secured the votives to the hoop with tape, spacing them evenly and making sure the on/off switch was accessible. I simply looped 4 strings of beads around hoop- no tape or glue necessary
I then draped the beads over the cross sections of the crown
 I wrapped the tinsel around the hula hoop and secured in spots with tape. 
I decided to add the boa under the crown as it was too short to go all the way around the hoop -  when I returned to the store to buy another, I found the display replaced with Christmas decorations!
I then popped on some feathered friends, and gothic flowers and once hung draped more beads over the hoop. When the sun goes down turn on the votives for a little magical glow.

Just a note:This is just a temporary and fairly fragile decoration which can easily be damaged, keep away from kids and pets, especially cats!

For more Raven ideas visit our past post

Wishing everyone a Delightful Halloween

I will be away from my blog off and on next week but I will respond to any comments upon my return 

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